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Cost-efficiency through side stream utilisation

The AERIS is a concept which perfectly utilizes the raw gas output of a biogas and landfill facility: gas upgrading, power generation and power electronics combined in one unit.

EVERYTHING in one package

Reliability through gas upgrading

The gas output of a biogas reactor is typically 40-60% methane. The rest consists of carbon dioxide, moisture and small amounts of nitrogen and sulphur hydroxides. Any long-term exposure to raw biogas begets corrosion in the pipelines, machines and burners. The Aeris upgrading system filters all undesirable particles and moisture, thus generating high quality bio methane, which is then utilised by the CHP unit to generate electricity and thermal power to reduce the need of grid electricity or use of fossil fuels.

Sustainable and long-term design principle

In our concept the Aeris can be commissioned in its basic configuration, with small gas throughput and a small CHP unit and then expanded later on with the help of generated profit and initial user experience.

Following the above-mentioned methodology, in time, the Aeris unit can be complemented with a gas compression unit for light vehicle fuel use, couple it with a solar power harvesting system or add an island-grid feature to ensure power supply during power outages.

Outside or sheltered

Aeris does not care – it works in both.

Ease of use and reliability as a focal point

The Aeris consists of top-quality components which ensure outstanding reliability of service. After commissioning the Aeris operates independently and the visually clear user interface makes it easy to follow servicing itinerary which indicates oil and filter change intervals, among other things. The overall design revolves around safety, durability and the easy serviceability.

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