Bespoke aluminium extrusions

We offer a full range of services, from extrusion matrix design to delivered product.

Bespoke aluminium parts are a vital component in the industrial production chain. The extrusions can be further upgraded through different coating variants or additional grinding.

We create a 3D-model of the desired extrusion for your scrutiny and in special cases procure a 3D printed version for assessment.

We guarantee a rapid service and quality service under all circumstances.

Other aluminium products available as freight lots on agreement.


We can procure extrusions up to 301mm width.

Surface Treatment

Surface treatment gives aluminium a durable and visually pleasing finish, enhancing the range of possible uses. Aluminium can be treated with anodizing or powder coating, which both increase the resistance to corrosion.


Another method of corrosion protection is anodizing, which is an electro-chemical method of creating a protective oxide layer. Anodizing comes in several colours and improves the overall visual quality.

Powder Coating

Powder coating gives aluminium a good protective layer against both mechanical and chemical wear and allows the utilization of the full RAL colour palette. Coating type is chosen according to known durability requirements.

Your partner in product development

We assist our clients through the whole product development process. Once you have a clear vision of an aluminium product for a specific need, we will help you materialize this vision. It all starts with sharing the vision and information exchange between you and our experienced sales team. As a result, you will receive a technically optimal extrusion product at the right price.

To expediate the offer process, it would be helpful to receive from you the following information:

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