Automation Design

Our services in automation design

We design suitable electrical drives and controls to fit your system concept based on the initial information or alternatively help you to discover the available features even before finalizing the design concept. We approach design challenges through flexible and modular system parametering. This enables us to retain system expandability – both from electricity and control point of view – for possible future add-ons and expansions. This in turn will keep the overall product life cycle costs manageable and allow for easy serviceability.

At the core of our design we use the latest Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s), which enable the use of agile software design and safe data collection routines combined with a steady output in terms of generator control.

We offer cloud service connection as an extra option, thus giving you the possibility to monitor the machinery state and production data in real time across the globe. The state can be monitored either through a designated user interface or through an API. Direct access through a protected VPN-connection is also available.

Sähkökeskus sisäpuolelta

Although the design sometimes breaks new into new frontiers, one must not forget that all technical apparats must comply with the pertinent certificates and standards. These are always a part of the starting point for design project, allowing our client to focus on the essential: the added value of the investment.

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