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OPhi name comes from the Latin “Ophiucus”, the 13th zodiac sign, also known as the Serpent-bearer. It’s meaning is “a new surprising arrival”. The Serpent-bearer is a relatively large constellation under Hercules. There are relatively few stars visible to the naked eye. It can be recognized by its pentagonal shape accompanied by round clusters of stars. As a word, OPhi holds within it the Pi (π) and Phin (ϕ) which in turn represents the Golden Ratio.

Our vision is to be a dynamic service provider by boosting the competitiveness of our clientele.

Founded in 2016, our technology company aims to maximize the added value we can offer our customers through the use of our products and services. We strive to break the boundaries of traditional engineering from both technical and economical point of view by creating innovative solutions.


Pohjapiirrustus pöydällä ja kolme työntekijää keskustelemassa

In addition to technology products, we offer design and manufacturing services. Our guiding principle is cost-efficient quality service to ensure customer retention.

Our innovations are not limited to metal workshop manufacturing – we can complement your application with a suitable power supply and control system. While working with traditional electricity and automation projects, we always take into consideration the benefits that can be accessed through digitalization. In software design, we favour a modular program structure that enables agile application development.

With the use of our international network, our clients have access to competitive prices and top-quality raw materials. Certified manufacturing partners are the key to provide you with high quality metal structures and our resources allow us to meet the market’s expectations and to provide the best possible service.

Our values are dependability, trust and persistency.

We want to go side by side with our clients, supporting them all the way to success. We are committed to continuity of quality service and constant improvement by actively seeking better products and components for your needs. We guarantee competitive process, swift replies to quotation requests and we commit ourselves to the punctuality and expediency of deliveries.

As an employer we want to make our people feel they are a part of a team. Our qualified and dedicated personnel is the key to offering high quality service.

OPhi Technologies Ltd. in the Finnish YTJ-database.

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