Aerosol canister recycling

Environmentally friendly and safe solution

The EKO HazPak is a turnkey solution for the environmentally friendly and safe recycling of aerosol canisters. The process utilizes nitrogen inertifying system to prevent flammable gases from reacting under pressurizing cycle.

Unlike carbon dioxide capturing, the EKO HazPak collects all released gases and separates them in a virtually zero-emission state into different fractions, some of which can be used for energy production.

EKO HazPak process machinery is the best available technology for the recycling of aerosol canister aluminium and their propellants. The EKO HazPak can recycle up to 9000 aerosol canisters per hour. The machinery is also capable of compressing propane cooker gas canisters.

Piirroskuva hazpak kierrätysprosessista
Käytetyt aerosolipurkit keltaisessa pussissa
Kierrätetyt aerosolipurkit hazpak-laitteessa
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